Smart Phones and Televisions Made Easy at Medford Leas Classes


Get on the same wavelength as the smart phone in your pocket and feel confident when buying a brand new smart television, knowing you’ll be able to take full advantage of all its features, thanks to two classes being offered at Medford Leas.

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, Medford Leas residents will be speaking on“Smartphone Technology 101” and on Tuesday, Sept. 27 on “From CRTs to Smart TVs: What You Need to Know When Shopping for a New Television,” to help the public get the most out of these two remarkable devices. Both classes will be held from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. in the Medford Campus Theater. The public is invited to attend one or both programs at no cost.

“There are many people, especially seniors, who do not have a smartphone,” said Vince Menzel, who will lead the first class. “Participants will learn about smartphone capabilities and types, including those relevant to seniors, costs, advantages, and disadvantages when compared to other mobile devices. They also will learn what ‘apps’ are and how to obtain them — most are free. I will list a number of apps that could be useful, as well as demystify some technical jargon.”

Menzel encourages those who don’t yet have a smartphone, and those who do but may be unsure of how to work its full capabilities, to attend his class. He will provide an understanding of smartphones by definition, history, features, functions, manufacturers, wireless carriers, societal issues, security, and a future outlook of what is yet to come.

Dave Bartram will lead the second class and encourages attendees to come if they’re interested in learning more about available modern televisions.

“Many of us are confused by all the terms and capabilities of the devices that are available, and probably have no idea of what to pay for a new television today,” said Bartram. “I will start with a history of television and the types of equipment used, how programming is delivered, how devices are connected to our televisions today, and what the cables are used for. Hopefully at the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to walk into a store and have enough knowledge to evaluate all the choices available and find what television and equipment is best for them at reasonable price, as well as whether they’d like to ‘cut the cord’ and how to do it.”

Bartram explains that television offerings today include Digital, HD, Flat Screen, Connected TV, Streaming, Internet TV and much more, each with pros and cons.

Menzel has more than 40 years of information technology experience in business application software design, development, consulting, and management roles at large multinational corporations. Bartram brings more than 30 years experience in the computer field with a background in technology and computer science.

“Technology Tuesday: Stay in Touch with the World Around You!” is part of a series of programs being offered by Medford Leas this fall. Participants should register by September 16 to secure their spot. For a full listing of Pathways to Learning at Medford Leas programs, or to register for a program, visit or call (609) 654–3588.

Medford Leas is a nationally accredited not-for-profit community, guided by Quaker principles, for those who are aged 55 and older, with two campuses. The Medford Campus is located at 1 Medford Leas Way in Medford.