Community Leader Jumps with Army’s Golden Knights

Brandon J. Pugh, president of the Burlington County School Boards Association (BCSBA) jumped with Sergeant First Class, Joseph Jones, the team leader/instructor, and Sergeant First Class, Adrian Hill, the videographer, of the US Army’s parachute team named the Golden Knights on August 17 for a VIP tandem jump. This jump went along with the Gold Demonstration Team at the 2016 Atlantic City Airshow, “Thunder Over the Boardwalk.” Past jumpers have included U.S. presidents, celebrities and business leaders.

BCSBA represents Burlington County’s 42 public school districts. Pugh was nominated by the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, which covers parts of N.J., Pa., N.Y., and Del.

Thanks for being such a great supporter of all our efforts in the community, Brandon! We’re glad you enjoyed the experience!