Blue Ribbon Challenge to Support Moorestown’s Police Begins


An effort is underway in Moorestown Township to show support for Moorestown’s Police Department through the “Blue Ribbon Challenge.” Across the country, communities are launching this challenge that asks residents and business owners to hang a blue ribbon on trees, lampposts, porch lights, or other places outside their homes or businesses. This blue ribbon symbolizes support of the “Thin Blue Line,” the brave men and women of law enforcement who keep our community safe.

The initiative in Moorestown was started by resident Mimi Warburton, a proud mother of a police officer, after hearing about this movement happening in another New Jersey community.

“After hearing that Middle Township was going to be the first New Jersey community to take on this initiative, I wanted Moorestown to join them as the second,” Warburton said. “The majority of our brave men and women in blue, like my son, are serving their communities from a place of love and caring for others and we should be celebrating their selfless work and showing them that their community stands with them.”

Mimi Warburton has secured the support for this initiative from both the Moorestown Police Department and the Moorestown Town Council.

“I am very grateful that Mayor Phil Garwood, Deputy Mayor Victoria Napolitano, and the whole Town Council and staff have agreed to stand with me as we continue their long-standing support of our police and their families,” Warburton stated. “I am also very happy to say that our respected Police Chief, Lee Lieber, has given his approval and has pledged to support our efforts.”

A Facebook group, called “Support Moorestown Police,” has been set-up for residents to get involved and follow this and other initiatives that will support our town’s police. Residents can request blue ribbons through a sign-up link on the Facebook page, or can attend the Town Council meeting on Monday, August 22 at 7:00 p.m. to pick one up or sign-up to have one or more delivered to their homes or businesses. Additional pick-up locations will be announced via the Facebook page over the coming months.

In addition to the ribbons, the group will have a “Thank You” book where residents can thank our police officers in their own words and with their own messages.

The Facebook can be visited at, or residents can email to request a ribbon or get involved with this project.