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Woodcrest Red wins CHAP Volleyball League championship

Woodcrest Red defeated Cherry Valley A to win the league championship on Aug. 13.

The Cherry Hill Association of Polls wrapped up its volleyball season over the weekend with the league championship tournament on Aug. 13.

The Woodcrest Red team of captain Michael Kon, Alfred Arcaroli, Pete Flamini, Jeremy Gardner, Jeff Kiesel, Rob Kolmins, Boris Kon, and Rob Spier won the tournament with a perfect 9–0 record. Woodcrest Red defeated Cherry Valley A in the championship match 21–14, 21–9.

In the semifinals, Woodcrest Red defeated Charleston 21–14, 21–9 and Cherry Valley A defeated Old Orchard Red 21–14, 13–21, 21–9.

Six teams participated in the preliminary round robin prior to the knockouts rounds. The team record for the preliminary round robin were:

· Woodcrest Red 5–0

· Cherry Valley A 3–2

· Old Orchard Red 3–2

· Charleston 2–3

· Cherry Valley B 2–3

· Haddon Glen 0–5

Other league teams this season were Fox Hollow, Kingston Estates, Old Orchard White, Wexford Leas, Woodcrest White and Woodstream.

Swim clubs are invited to enter a team for the 2017 CHAP volleyball season, which runs from early June to early August. To enter a team or for more information on the league, contact league commissioner Dave Wynne at (856) 428–3369 or wynne33@verizon.net.

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