Sun Editorial: Let The Sun take part in your school year events, activities and news


As students return to school in just four short weeks, we all will soon get back into a daily routine. Once the unofficial end to summer has passed, there will be a return to a “normal” life — whether you were lucky enough to have a three-month vacation or not.

Back to school signifies a new beginning, maybe even more so for many than the drop of the ball on New Year’s. It’s a time for looking ahead, not for looking back.

Here at The Sun, back to school signifies the start of a busier time. In the next few weeks’ papers, you’ll see coverage of the return to school — from stories about upcoming changes in the school district to photos of teachers setting up their classrooms to high school sports team preview stories to photos of students arriving, backpacks in tow, to their first day.

And as students prepare to embark on a new adventure in a new school year, we remind you that The Sun is here to shine light on your school, your team, your son, your daughter, your teachers, your group, your PTA, your organization and your neighbors.

We want to congratulate Suzy on a job well done when she is named to her school’s honor roll, dean’s list or when she receives academic recognition. We want to print photos of Johnnie waving goodbye to mom or dad as he enters his new school for the first time. We want to announce your PTA’s meeting dates and times, so new members can join and support the school. We want to send a reporter to cover that big game, big event or big fundraiser for your school.

But we can’t do all this without your help. Reach out to us via e-mail or phone anytime you have an item for publication or an idea for us to track down. Our contact information is to the right.

As we said from Day 1, this is your newspaper. And we mean it. Play a part in making it better by keeping us informed.