Mt. Laurel Police offer tips to prevent items being stolen from vehicles

ML Police

The Mt. Laurel Police Department notes that regular readers of its Police Blotter might notice that almost every week the department takes reports from victims who have had valuables stolen from their cars.

In most cases the vehicles were left unlocked. In other cases criminals who could see valuables left in view by their owners broke the vehicle’s windows.

Due to these common occurrences, the department is offering the following tips to prevent such thefts:

Always lock a vehicle’s doors

Do not leave purses, wallets, laptops, expensive sun glasses, cell phones and other valuables in avehicle

Never leave valuables in plain sight — lock them in the trunk or take them out of the vehicle when exiting

Never leave cash visible, even change

Always close a vehicle’s windows

Take keys from the vehicle every time

Take purses and wallets inside one’s house after having lock and parked a car in your garage

When equipment or tools must be kept in a vehicle, use a strong-walled, tamper proof box that can be bolted down and secured with heavy-duty locks. Do not assume a box is secure because it is heavy