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Haddonfield launches new borough website


If you haven’t gone to the new borough website, you should. You might not recognize it with its new layout.

The new borough website is meant to be more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and easier to navigate both on a computer and on mobile devices.

“We felt it was time for a major upgrade to our website. We wanted it to be more user-friendly for residents and update the way the website looks on mobile phones, as a lot of people look up information on mobile phones,” Commissioner Neal Rochford said.

Less than a year after awarding the new website bid to Revize, the website is live. There are many new features that residents might find more quickly or are easier to understand.

From a computer, at the top of the webpage to the left side is the Haddonfield name and logo. This is the home button that should appear on every associated page, and if the icon is clicked, it should send the visitor back to the homepage.

At the top center of the page are five tabs labeled “Home,” “Departments,” “Boards & Committees,” “Information” and “Calendar.” The “Home” button works similarly to the Haddonfield logo. The middle three tabs all drop down into helpful subsections that break down departments or information so pages can be easier to find. The “Calendar” tab leads to a calendar listing of borough meetings and events.

The search bar is at the top left for a quick and easy way for people to search the website. Above the search bar are four widgets that link to the township’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages.

According to Rochford, the borough has had a Facebook page and is working to add more content and make it more appealing with pictures. A Twitter account has been set up, too, but now the Twitter account is linked to the borough’s website. The borough YouTube channel and Instagram page are new to Haddonfield and will come in the future.

“We’re working really hard on our social media platforms. This is where it is at … It is a great way to get information out in a timely manner and is very effective,” Rochford said.

To the center right of the website are pull out tabs that lead to “Pay Tax Bill,” “Code of Ordinances,” “Agendas and Minutes,” “Pay Parking Tickets,” “Volunteer for Boards” and “e-notify sign up.” These tabs make it easier for residents to pay taxes and tickets, as well as learn more about the borough either through the code, agendas or email.

In the center of the website, you’ll be able to see scrolling pictures, some of which are places in Haddonfield. Rochford said the borough is working on getting more pictures of iconic things in Haddonfield to add such as the fire department, historic buildings and art about town.

At the bottom of the screen are other useful tabs such as “Latest News,” “Capital Projects & Road Work,” “Services,” “Bid/RFP Requests & Employment Opportunities” and “Upcoming Events.”

“I think it looks wonderful. I love the graphics and I think the easy use is phenomenal,” Rochford said.

The mobile website has many of the same features, but is set up a little differently. At the top is the Haddonfield logo with a tab button that drops down tabs to the departments, boards, information and calendar. The pictures scroll and lead down to the tabs for payments, ordinances, agendas and volunteering. At the bottom of the mobile website are additional tabs that scroll left to right.

As of now, there are still some things the borough is working on in regard to small glitches, but nothing too big. In the future, Rochford said Haddonfield would like to allow for zoning and planning applications and other permits to be submitted through the website. The borough would also like to have more interactivity with residents and groups through the website.

“We want to make it more user friendly and interactive in the future,” Rochford said. “Any comments or ideas that people have, we’d like to hear from them.”

To report a bug or comment, email Borough Clerk Deanna Bennett at dbennett@haddonfield-nj.gov.

To check out the website, go to www.haddonfieldnj.org.

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