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Scott P. McCartney Takes Over as MTPS Superintendent


After three superintendents resigned from the school district within the past three years, Moorestown Township Public Schools hired 47-year-old Scott P. McCartney to assume the role of superintendent in a 6–1 vote in May. His five-year contract began on Friday, July 1.

McCartney grew up in Egg Harbor Township where his parents moved when he was an infant. His parents were instrumental in pointing him toward his vocation, as they valued education and encouraged him, his twin brother and sister to pursue college.

As a high school student, McCartney thrived through his time as class president, captain of the soccer team and president of the key club. But the moment he knew for sure he wanted to become involved in education was during his practicum at Ursinus College. He was given a seemingly simple task — to teach three young special needs students the color green.

“It seemed so simple but was the most frustrating and challenging task. After many hurdles, attempts and temporary successes and failures, they got it, and I knew teaching was what I wanted to do,” McCartney said.

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in secondary education, the superintendent went on to attain his master’s degree in education administration and leadership from Rowan University and later his doctorate in administration from Seton Hall University.

“In my past, I remember teachers who pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could, picked me up when I fell short, and taught me about grit and determination to meet the challenge,” McCartney said. “As an educator over the last 25 years, I have been privileged to see that in our teachers around the state and look forward to those same experiences in Moorestown.”

After finishing his education, McCartney first began his career serving as a substitute teacher in the Egg Harbor Township School District. Before long, he was offered long-term employment by the district as a seventh-grade language arts teacher, seventh- and eighth-grade writing lab teacher and alternative school reading teacher.

Next, he began his administrative career as an elementary assistant principal and then principal at the George L. Hess Complex in Hamilton Township in Atlantic County. From there, he became the superintendent in Dennis Township and Downe Township before returning to Egg Harbor Township as an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and ultimately as the superintendent.

“At the age of 32, I became the Dennis Township superintendent and the youngest superintendent in the state of New Jersey at that time. I interviewed for the position simply to get some experience and to get a sense of what additional experiences I needed to better prepare myself to pursue the superintendence,” McCartney said. “To my surprise, I was called back for a second interview and ultimately offered the position.”

Over the years, McCartney has seen resources become much more challenging to secure and the community expectations of schools, administrators and teachers become more expansive. This has led to the greatest challenge of his position being balancing all of the needs of the students, faculty, staff and the board of education, all while navigating the politics that can arise.

Included in these politics, McCartney’s accepting of this role in Moorestown did not come without some challenges. First, McCartney had to take a pay cut since, under the current state-mandated salary caps, his maximum salary in Moorestown is $167,500, whereas he made $177,500 in the larger Egg Harbor Township district.

“I entered the field of education with a desire to make a difference for students and to serve, not necessarily for the paycheck,” McCartney said.

Second, he had to deal with some backlash from residents who began an online petition aimed at helping Carole Butler, the interim superintendent, retain the position. However, he understands the feeling some have regarding a known candidate versus an unknown.

“I simply applied for a position, did my best through the interview process and was offered a position,” McCartney said. “I am appreciative of the work Mrs. Butler has done to serve this community and will work with all of our stakeholders to build on that success.”

Above all, after 11 years at Egg Harbor Township, the new superintendent is looking forward to all the new opportunities and challenges to come through his duration at Moorestown public schools. He admits it was Moorestown’s reputation of excellence in the classroom and the community’s strong commitment to education that initially drew his attention to the district.

“I have learned that with hard work, a support network and with a desire to serve, great things can happen for students,” McCartney said.

He and his wife of 22 years, Jennifer, have two children — Matthew, a student at George Mason University, and Lauren, an incoming freshman at Cedarville University.

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