Mt. Laurel MUA completes water supply well maintenance project


The Mt. Laurel Municipal Utilities Authority recently announced the completion of the redevelopment of its Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well №7 (ASR well).

The ASR well allows storage of water in the ground during times when excess water is available and recovery of water when it’s needed for delivery to customers.

This ASR well was last redeveloped in 2010 and its next scheduled redevelopment in the MUA’s capital improvement plan is for 2022.

The MUA utilizes an asset management program for prioritizing and funding non-emergency work at its facilities. Part of the program includes condition assessments and criticality analyses. MUA Operations Engineer, Bob Adler said “This program affords us the ability obtain the best prices when bidding because the work is not reactive but preventative.”

Total project cost was $125,000 that included cleaning and recoating of well piping and rebuilding of the pump by AC Schultes, and design and inspection by the MUA’s consulting engineer, Alaimo Associates.

“Work was scheduled during the winter months when this well is not needed as a water supply source” said Pam Carolan, MUA executive director. The well was returned to service quickly so that the MUA would have it available for supply during the high water use months in the summer.

Chuck Bernheimer, MUA Operations Directors said “The well was fired up on June 15 to begin recovering stored water from last year and is working great.”