Shamong 2016 Road Program to Begin


Harsh winters often result in New Jersey roads requiring constant maintenance. For this reason, last year Shamong Township established its Road Program. Over the course of the year, funds were allotted for necessary repairs to various roads throughout the township, and after much success, the same is being done again this year.

“It’s been 30 years since any roads have been completed, except for the ones we did last year. We’ve embarked on a multi-year program to handle most of the roads in the township and this will be the 2016 roll-out,” Deputy Mayor Michael DiCroce said. “We’ve had some severe winters and so the roads have suffered.”

The goal of this program is to put into action a 10-year plan that prioritizes the roadway repairs and resurfacing needed while not breaking the bank and placing unrealistic tax burdens on Shamong residents. As a result, this was the top item for discussion at the Shamong Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, June 28. An update was also given at the meeting by Deputy Clerk Barbara Valentano, who communicated the work to come in the following weeks.

Beginning around Tuesday, July 5, crews were scheduled to be out repaving and doing cement work on many of the township’s roads including Silver Lake Drive, Princeton Drive, Concord Drive, Lamplighter Drive, Cobblestone Lane, Candle Court and potentially to the speed bumps on Grassy Lake Road. Despite already planning to repair more roads than last year, the township also has a running list of other roads that could use immediate maintenance.

Although the township initially budgeted $1 million for the Road Program, it believes the repairs will only cost approximately $671,000. Therefore, because the bid came in lower than expected, the township expects to be able to add additional roads to the list of this summer’s repairs. Change orders will be prepared by Township Engineer Dan Guzzi.

The contractors have also already approved the amending of any necessary inlet repairs adjacent to the work they have already committed to do on the roads.

Before this work begins, residents will be notified by door hangers approximately 48 hours prior. Arawak Paving Co. will also notify Susan Onorato, the township administrator/clerk, before the company begins its work so she can put this information on the township website and send an email blast. At the meeting, Committeeman Martin Mozitis also expressed that it might not be a bad idea for Arawak Paving Co. to keep the fire company up-to-date on their plans.

Once these plans begin, residents will have no on-street parking available to them. The work will take place during the day, and the township committee expects that one side of a road will be done at a time, helping to permit and retain easy access to the homes on the roads being repaired.

“This is just something that needs to be done and we’re being somewhat proactive about it,” DiCroce said. “I think at the end of the day people will be happy and appreciative that their roads are getting repaired.”

The expected end date of this project is on or about Monday, Aug. 15, weather permitting. The committee expects that this 10 Year Roadway Repair and Resurfacing Plan will help set the township on the right path to its the future.