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Haddonfield Alumni Society asks for nominations for Lifetime Achievement Award

Over the past 11 years, the Haddonfield Alumni Society has honored 87 former students and 32 teachers from the Haddonfield Public Schools system by bestowing a Lifetime Achievement Award upon each of them. The criteria for an individual to be considered for the award requires that he/she:

1) Other than a teacher candidate, must have attended one of Haddonfield’s Public Schools, but not necessarily have graduated from HMHS.

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2) Has been out of Haddonfield schools, as a student, for at least 20 years.

3) Has distinguished him/herself during the course of their adult lives.

4) If a teacher, must have taught within the Haddonfield Public Schools for at least 7 years.

There is an abundance of worthy alumni and teachers. If you know of someone that you deem to be worthy of this award, speak-up. Make a commitment to “give back” to the people who deserve it, to your school and to your community.

The deadline for submitting the names of nominees to be considered to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award is Aug. 31. Send your submissions and list your reasons for recommending those individuals, to: Tom Baird, 70 Lane of Acres, Haddonfield, N.J. 08033.

There is a Recommendation Form the HAS prefer that you use for this process. The form is available at h-a-s.org/LAA_form.htm.


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