Sheriff Stanfield Conducts Active Shooter Exercise

Sheriff Jean Stanfield

On Wednesday, June 23, Sheriff Jean Stanfield conducted an active shooter tabletop exercise designed to prepare County and local agencies in the event of an attack on a County complex.

Participating in this public safety exercise were representatives from the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department, the Burlington County’s Prosecutor’s Office, New Jersey State Police, the Burlington County Freeholder’s Office, the Burlington County Vicinage of the New Jersey Superior Court, the Burlington County Department of Corrections, Burlington County Department of Emergency Management and Central Communications, along with the Mount Holly Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.

“Unfortunately in today’s environment public buildings have become targets for those who seek to do harm to others,” said Sheriff Stanfield. “Our top priority is keeping the thousands of residents and the hundreds of employees who come through our county facilities each week safe.”

“The recently completed security upgrade at our County Administration and Court House facility has created a secure single point of entry, a system that is necessary to prevent armed or dangerous individuals from gaining access to the complex,” continued Sheriff Stanfield, “Still it is essential that we remain vigilant in our planning and training.”

The exercise, conducted at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center, covered planned responses to real-life scenarios, a review of existing policies and procedures and a summary of available resources, as well as establishing new and active lines of communication between agencies.

“This exercise, and others like it, can ensure that all those responsible for the safety of our residents are working together and prepared even in the event of the unthinkable,” explained Sheriff Stanfield.