Medford Township Participating in DNA Home Asset Marking

The Medford Township Police Department is now participating in a new crime deterrent known as DNA Home Asset Marking. The residents and business owners of Medford Township can now have access to a new tool in protecting their valuables due to a partnership with Applied DNA Sciences that has implemented a DNA asset-tracking program. This program is intended to deter crime and assist law enforcement in returning stolen property to owners.

The DNA Home Asset Marking Program enables home and business owners to mark property with a unique and invisible plant based DNA that is specific to the owner. The DNA mark on the property is easily identifiable by law enforcement utilizing ultraviolet light. The DNA mark is nearly impossible to remove. Homeowners who mark personal property with the plant based DNA are supplied signs and window decals warning would be intruders that their property is marked with plant based DNA.

Officers of the Medford Township Police Department, led by Chief Richard J. Meder, have received training by representatives of Applied DNA Sciences, and are prepared to identify marked property as well as submit samples for authentication.

More information about DNA Home Asset Marking can be found at: