Letter to the Editor: Residents deserve transparency with water


Dear Editor,

As a candidate for Moorestown Town Council, I am disheartened at how the Moorestown Water Department has been managed by the current township administration. The lack of transparency is truly concerning. For years, this administration denied that there was a problem with our water. It wasn’t until they were backed into a corner by the NJDEP and concerned residents that they began to act. The overall mismanagement is going to cost the ratepayers millions.

At last month’s council meeting the Township Manager, Scott Carew, was not himself aware if the Kings Highway Water Plant was once again pumping water to the residents of Moorestown or not. What does this say about the overall capabilities of this administration?

It is now my understanding that the manager of the Water Department/Acting Director of Public Works submitted his resignation last week. For some reason the Township Manager and the Mayor have decided not to inform the residents of this resignation.

The residents of Moorestown deserve nothing less than full transparency, especially when it comes to our drinking water.

Kati Angelini