Moorestown young student designs Moorestown Children’s Library card

Lib card

The Moorestown Library will have a new children’s library card designed by one of Moorestown’s very own children.

Our Lady of Good Counsel student Jamie Dunn, 9, was chosen as the winner of the Moorestown Library’s “Design a Children’s Library Card Contest.” The library received 87 original designs and selected Jamie’s drawing of a colorful shelf full of books spelling out “My Moorestown Library Card.”

“I felt very excited that my library card was chosen,” Jamie said.

Ever since the new library opened in July 2014, it has been signing up new members at much higher rates, according to Children’s Librarian Jen Dunne. When Karen Campbell, the library’s office manager, noticed it was time to order more library cards, she got the idea of having a different design just for the children’s cards.

“Several vendors offered pre-made children’s designs, but when we saw that one of the vendors allowed you to submit your own artwork, we thought it would be fun to have a contest for children to design their own card,” Dunne said.

The contest was announced asking children throughout the township and schools to enter the contest. Jamie’s mother was someone who received the email about the contest and suggested she enter.

Jamie, loving to read as well as draw, thought it would be something fun to do and decided to try.

“I thought it would be fun to do and pretty cool if I won, but still, if I didn’t, fun to design,” Jamie said.

To get her idea, she thought of a library full of bookshelves and, seeing the email saying “My First Library Card,” was inspired by that.

“When I think of a library, I think of a book shelf. So I thought it would be cool to make that into a library card,” Jamie said.

She began with a rough draft, using paper and pencil. Once she had her design, she worked to make sure it was even, using a ruler for the lines of the shelves and books. She then outlined it with a black marker and colored it in with colored markers, finishing it off with having the books spell “My Moorestown Library Card.” She said she worked on it over about three days, for an hour or so each day.

“Submitting it, I was a little nervous. I knew even if I didn’t win, I was proud of myself,” Jamie said.

The contest idea proved to be very popular, as it received 87 entries, all of which reflect a wide variety of ideas and artistic styles, and it was very challenging to choose just one, according to Dunne.

“We wanted something colorful with a strong concept that looked like authentic child’s artwork. In the end, Jamie’s bookshelf design is crisp and full of color, and we think it will come across beautifully as a library card,” Dunne said.

When Jamie found out she won, she was very excited and happy.

The library staff was overwhelmed by all the creativity and hard work the artists put into each design. They loved the opportunity to see all the ways children depicted the library and the reading experience, and wanted to share that with the public. To do so, library staff created a collage of all the designs wrapped around the children’s desk.

“We encourage everyone to come and see all the beautiful art on display,” Dunne said.

The new library card for children is scheduled to debut sometime this summer.