April 13 deadline for party affiliation changes to vote in June 7 primary

April 13 deadline for party affiliation changes to vote in June 7 primary


Burlington County Clerk Tim Tyler is reminding voters of important election deadlines and urged all who are eligible to participate in the primary elections to be held on June 7.

“With candidate petitions now filed, it is clear that this year’s primary election will truly be historic,” said County Clerk Tyler. “For the first time in decades New Jersey will see contested presidential primaries in both major parties, in addition to many interesting races down-ballot. I urge all eligible voters to participate in the democratic process so that their voices may be heard.

“We ask that residents be mindful of election deadlines so that everyone who wishes to participate in the process is able to,” continued Tyler. “The first deadline coming up is April 13, which is the last day for residents to change their political party affiliation for the primary election. Voters wishing to change their party affiliation may use either a voter registration form or the Party Affiliation Declaration form, links to both of which may be found on our website.”

While unaffiliated voters may vote in the primary by declaring a political party at their polling place, those already registered with a party (Republican, Democrat, or any Independent Party designation) must file a party affiliation change form if they wish to participate in the primary of another party.

“For new voters, the voter registration deadline for the primary election is May 17th,” Clerk Tyler concluded, “While the deadline to apply by mail for a vote by mail ballot is May 31st.”