Trail Grooming Day


Come join us for “Trail Grooming Day” on April 9.

Roll up your sleeves and be a trailblazer at the soon to be opened Hartford Crossing Trails.

With the State of New Jersey recently awarding Medford Township a $24,000 grant to construct a trail system within Hartford Crossing Park, township officials and area biking and hiking enthusiasts are teaming together to begin the process of clearing the trails to allow the public greater access and use.

Hartford Crossing Trails will be a place where the public can ride bikes, hike or simply enjoy the natural setting. During the last year, a volunteer Harford Trails group has been working with Medford Township and the state to carve over five miles of natural trails for recreational public use in the wooded areas of Hartford Crossing Park, which is owned by Medford Township.

Located across from Lenape High School and Johnson’s Farm, between the athletic fields in Hartford Crossing Park on both Church Road and Hartford Road is over 60 acres of natural terrain offering opportunities for trail riding, nature walks and hiking.

On April 9 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Medford Township, their environmental affairs advisory committee, and the Hartford Trails Committee is seeking volunteers to join them for their second “Trail Grooming Day.” The goal is to clear downed branches and trees, clean pathways and remove the trash that has accumulated over the past year. Bring friends and family to assist in the project and have an enjoyable day outside creating a great space to ride and hike. Volunteers are asked to bring rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, bow saws, pole saws and other tools available to assist in the cleanup effort.

Work gloves, long sleeved shirts/jackets and long pants are required in order to participate. We also suggest volunteers wear hats and apply insect repellants.

With winter ending and spring just rolling in, the leaves have fallen which allows for better visibility. As a bonus, the recent winter weather has also reduced the tick and chigger populations. Hartford Trails is hoping to get the first stage of the trail cleaning done during spring. We invite Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, landscapers, civic groups, and the business community to bring a welcome helping hand. Anyone can join this effort. Hope to see you there.

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