Moorestown Republicans announce candidates for Town Council

Moorestown Republicans announce candidates for Town Council

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On Wednesday night, members of the Moorestown Republican Municipal Committee (MRMC) unanimously voted to endorse Mike Locatell, Victoria Napolitano and Phil Garwood as the Republican candidates for Moorestown Town Council in 2016.

“Following a number of interviews with a pool of impressive candidates, we are thrilled to announce the Locatell/Napolitano/Garwood ticket as the team that will carry us to victory in November,” MRMC vice chair Jamie Boren said, who led the Candidate Screening Committee for this election cycle. “Mike, Victoria and Phil are optimistic and committed leaders who have a deep understanding of the issues facing Moorestown, and each believes strongly in our ideals of fiscal responsibility, efficient government and the Moorestown spirit of community.”

“Victoria Napolitano and Phil Garwood have a record on Town Council of putting Moorestown residents first. They have fought hard every day for the last four years to make our great town even better, and they deserve our support for re-election,” MRMC chairman Steve Solomon said. “Longtime community leader and volunteer Mike Locatell is a strong addition to the ticket, and I feel confident that come November, the people of Moorestown will join us in supporting these three candidates who will represent this town with the enthusiasm, passion and dedication our citizens deserve.”

To follow the campaign, visit the Locatell/Napolitano/Garwood Facebook page at