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Haddonfield Planning Board approves 605 Warwick subdivision, with conditions

After one denial and many months of Planning Board meetings, the possibility of the house at 605 Warwick Road coming down and the land being subdivided into three lots could finally come to fruition.

At a special meeting on Feb. 10, the Haddonfield Planning Board unanimously approved the application from applicant/developer Mark DeFeo on the subdivision of the property, with conditions. The board gave approval of the application, as long as the conditions made by the board are kept.

“As far as the plan itself goes, this plan is far superior to the first plan … I do think it is worthy of approval at this point. I think there are a number of conditions we need to establish … but I do support approval of this plan, though somewhat reluctantly,” said board member John Stokes, who felt two lots would’ve worked better than three.

The proposal given at the December planning board meeting had a 13,000 square foot lot fronted by Warwick Road, a 15,600 square foot lot fronted by Warwick and Gill roads, and a 21,400 square foot lot fronted by Treaty Elm Lane and Gill Road. The application also addressed the concerns the Planning Board had from the previously denied application, including storm water management, lot depth, lot lines, parking areas and traffic.

To be sure the future developers and owners of the property don’t deviate from the proposed plans, the Planning Board made a number of conditions that must be followed during development as well as in the future, including the creation of a homeowners association that will have the responsibility to ensure the storm water manager system is properly maintained.

If the developer or owner wants to deviate from the proposed conditions he or she is required to come back to the Planning Board for approval.

“(The construction office) will be involved with the development,” Borough Engineer Todd Day said.

When everything came to a vote, the board had to approve its prior determination that no lot depth variance was required, the deviations from the two year percent reduction and 2.5-inch drain, and the application with the set conditions. All members of the board present that night unanimously approved each prerequisite and the application.

Before anything can be done, the borough must sign off on the final plans.

“The process is they have to revise their plans and make all of the corrections. We’ll review them and make sure everything is in order before we sign the plans. Then we’ll give them the building permit when everything is perfected including the HOA documents, the deed restrictions, maintenance plan and everything else … And that will all be done under the jurisdiction of (the construction office),” Day said.

Attorney Donald C. Cofsky, representing DeFeo, said he was very pleased with the results and believes that once the projects are completed, people will be very happy.

“I think the board has done everything they could to make sure this is a successful addition to the borough,” Cofsky said.

No one spoke in opposition at the meeting. Upon reaching out for a comment from attorney Salvatore Siciliano, representing residents against the subdivision, Siciliano said he did not receive notice of the special meeting and couldn’t make a comment due to that.

“It was my understanding that the board solicitor would reach out to me and Cofsky and have a special meeting. No one reached out to me at all. I had no idea,” Siciliano said.

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