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Still no decision on 605 Warwick subdivision, special meeting planned for final decision

The decision for the subdivision of 605 Warwick Road still had no conclusion at the Feb. 2 Haddonfield Planning Board meeting. However, a resolution may be close, as the board plans to hold a special meeting for the final decision on the subdivision on a to-be-determined date before its regularly scheduled March meeting.

Last December, applicant/developer Mark DeFeo came back to the Planning Board with a new application on the subdivision of 605 Warwick Road, addressing concerns such as stormwater management, lot depth, lot lines, parking areas and traffic. The new proposal for the subdivisions has a 13,000 square foot lot fronted by Warwick Road, a 15,600 square foot lot fronted by Warwick and Gill roads, and a 21,400 square foot lot fronted by Treaty Elm Lane and Gill Road.

The Feb. 2 meeting began with citizens’ comments, specifically a presentation by resident Jon Simonson, who, though he agrees the plan is far better than the previous one, he still believes the Planning Board should not approve the proposal. He felt lot depth, lot conformity, impervious coverage, storm water management, land disturbance, future maintenance, traffic and aesthetics were still major areas of concern. Simonson brought various videos and pictures of major storms, and the traffic concerns at the corner of Warwick and Gill roads to reinforce his beliefs.

A major theme Simonson touched upon was the various gaps the borough has in its codes and ordinances on many of the items. Simonson said if the Warwick subdivision was passed, he feels the things the developer has proposed should stay the same and the maintenance of the storm water management systems should be enforced.

Attorneys Salvatore Siciliano, representing residents against the subdivision, and Donald C. Cofsky, representing DeFeo, gave their final remarks before the matter went to the Planning Board for a decision.

Siciliano’s reasons for disapproval of the subdivision included a nonconforming lot, not meeting the 50 percent reduction for storm water for two-years, having a 1.5-inch drain for the drainage system when a 2.5-inch minimum is required, and the belief that the development should be considered a major development.

Cofsky’s reasons for supporting the subdivision included having conforming lots according to the law, the belief that the development is not considered a major development as there is 0.98 acres of land disturbance, a drainage system that though not conforming on some things will improve stormwater management in architect Clifton Quay’s professional opinion, and addressing all other concerns from the previous application.

The board asked borough engineer Todd Day if he felt Quay’s drainage system was better with what he proposed, though not completely conforming to recommended standards, and Day agreed it was.

Board Chairman John LaProcido reminded board members their ruling must be done by the Land Use Law and not by personal feelings.

Though there was some concern with how close many of the proposed projects for the subdivisions were for conforming to the law, by laws and codes, the subdivision was within the limits of the laws, according to Planning Board Vice Chair Doug McCollister. Board members agreed there needed to be better outlines of codes and laws.

Those on the board who spoke were split with the decision. Commissioner John Moscatelli asked if it was possible to set requirements for the developer to keep the plans as they are now, and if they decide to change them, the developer must come back to the board. Board Solicitor Donald Ryan said that is allowed and very appropriate to do so.

While the board once again tabled the issue due to time constraints, members want to make a final decision before March’s regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting. Therefore, members decided the board will hold a special meeting before March specifically for the 605 Warwick Road subdivision plan. That meeting is set for Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.

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