The Haddonfield Sun asks locals how they weathered the storm


The days before the blizzard of Jan. 22 to Jan. 24 had New Jersey citizens on edge. According to the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, anywhere from 13 to 22 inches were reported to fall in Camden County.

In the wake of the snowstorm, The Sun asked locals about their preparation for the snow, how they spent their weekend and thoughts of future snow.

All around, the response about the snowstorm seemed positive. Haddonfield Friends School students Emily Grassi, Sophia Poulus and Dylan James Lepore-Scheurenbrand said they loved the storm. All were excited to go out in the snow sledding.

Even parents Jennifer Poulus and Christina Dougherty said they were happy to have one good snowstorm. Dougherty, who normally works in Princeton on Saturday, had the day off. She would have had a pretty bad commute, as snow accumulated quickly and winds were high at points.


Students, too, reaped the benefits of the snow, as Haddonfield Friends School and Haddonfield Public Schools had a two-hour delay last Monday, allowing for some time to sleep in.

Dougherty prepared for the storm by shopping for some things just in case. Dylan said his parents ran out for milk and bread, like many of the Internet videos joke about.

“We just made sure to have hot chocolate,” Jennifer said.

Most everyone spent the first day of the storm indoors with family, occasionally going out to play in the snow or shovel when things were calm. On Sunday, when it was over, everyone shovelled and enjoyed the freshly fallen snow.

According to Jennifer and Dougherty, it took a few hours to shovel, though they did it in shifts. They commended the borough and county for getting the snow cleared off major roads so quickly.

“I think they did a great job. A lot of snow fell,” Jennifer said.


Emily and Sophia said their favorite part of the snow was sledding, while Dylan enjoyed a good snowball fight and sleepover with video games. Dougherty and Poulus said their favorite part was being snowed in and watching the kids enjoy the snow.

“Being snowed in and having nothing to do was great, and then watching the kids have fun and spend the day outside playing,” Jennifer said.

The kids screamed with delight at the thought of having another snowstorm. However, their parents were not so excited.

“One and done, I’m good,” Dougherty said.