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Moorestown Council sees new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2016


In an unexpected move, Victoria Napolitano relinquished her title as mayor after only one year in the position, and nominated previous Deputy Mayor Phil Garwood for the new position. Mayors are appointed for two-year terms in Moorestown, but Napolitano will step aside from the title after only one.

In a 4–0–1 vote, Garwood was named the newest mayor and Napolitano was named the deputy mayor at Town Council’s reorganization meeting last Wednesday. The newest member on the board, Lisa Petriello, who was also sworn in that night, abstained from the vote.


Napolitano took a moment to announce her resignation as mayor, ask for an addendum to the agenda and nominate Garwood for the position. Napolitano felt everyone should get the chance to serve in the position.

“2015 was a great year for Moorestown … With so much momentum, I am really excited to see what we will do for 2016, but I won’t be at the helm this year. As I said, we’re a team, and while it has been one of the greatest privileges for me to serve as mayor, I certainly didn’t do it alone … with all of the hard work that we have done, I think more of us should get the chance to serve our residents in this special way,” Napolitano said.

Petriello was surprised with the resignation of Napolitano and felt it should be something people should’ve known about beforehand.

“I’m a little surprised. Only people here know about it and this is something that should be advertised and known ahead of time,” Petriello said.


Garwood thanked council as well as the people of Moorestown for the opportunity to be mayor.

“I’d like to thank you all for making me mayor of this town. It is an honor. I hope to serve (Moorestown) well,” Garwood said.

He continued by acknowledging and thanking Napolitano for all of her hard work over the past year. He also welcomed Petriello to council and recognized the township staff, leaders, volunteers and citizens for all of their hard work over the past few years.

“The township is on very good course,” Garwood said. “The initiatives that have been implemented over the last few years are paying off.”

Garwood spoke of his hopes for the future, which include continuing the commitment to Main Street businesses, continuing to make strides with the Lenola district and continuing with the improvement of the drinking water infrastructure. He also said he would continue to serve his commitment he and Napolitano made when running in 2012.


“When Victoria ran for council in 2012, we said ‘Moorestown deserved a government as good as its people,’” Garwood said. “Today, as your mayor, I reaffirm my own commitment to a responsive and responsible government that represents all of Moorestown. We will place progress over partisanship and continue to bring our great town into a brighter future.”

Napolitano, Garwood and Petriello all have one year left of their term on council.

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