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Mayor’s Column: Thanks to Committee members Mario DiNatale and Andi Ayes

Voorhees Mayor

As 2015 comes to a close, so do the tenures of Township Committee Members, Mario DiNatale and Andi Ayes.

Mario has been a valuable part of Voorhees for over three decades, generously giving his time to community causes and youth sports. Twelve years ago, he became a member of Township Committee and immediately made a difference. During his time on our governing body, Mario has served as Deputy Mayor, the Director of Public Safety and a member of the Planning Board. He was an integral part of the two largest development projects in the history of our town, the Virtua Medical Campus and the Voorhees Town Center.

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Having been in the private business sector for many years, Mario brought a unique perspective to our municipal budgeting process and closely guarded every dollar of taxpayer money spent as if it were his own.

Mario and his family have touched the lives of thousands of young people through the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation, which has installed Teen Centers all over the world to improve the quality of life of sick children.

Thanks to Mario’s wife, Gisele, and his sons, Sebastian and Gabriel, for the sacrifices they made so Mario could serve his community.

Andi Ayes served on Township Committee for three years and brought a fresh outlook. She also served on the Planning Board. Andi established an immediate connection with our residents and made a partnership with our schools her main focus. Andi was loved by our senior community and affectionately became known as the “Cake Lady” for regularly delivering the delicious dessert to the meetings of our Voorhees Senior Club. Andi’s business background helped mold our 2015 budget that saw no local tax increase.

Thanks to Andi’s husband, Jonathan, and her daughters, Jackie and Isabel, for sharing Andi over the last three years.

On behalf of the residents of Voorhees and the other members of Voorhees Township Committee, thank you to Mario DiNatale and Andi Ayes for their years of service. Voorhees is a better place because of them.

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