The Rules of Street Tree Removal in Moorestown

One of Moorestown’s best assets is its tree-lined streets. Another is its volunteers, many of whom helped with our Tree Inventory, which documented the size, species and health of our more than 6,200 street trees. These trees are located within a piece of land along each street, called the right of way or curb strip, which is township property. Therefore all tree plantings and tree removals within the right of way are managed and cared for by the township Public Works Department.

Anytime a property owner wants to plant or remove a tree within the curb strip, they must contact Public Works for permission and assistance to ensure they are not removing or damaging public property. Also, sprinkler systems and electric dog fences cannot be installed within the curb strip.

The right of way varies depending upon the street. To determine if a tree is in the ROW, contact Public Works with your lot and block number.

Please call Public Works at (856) 235–3520 or email the Moorestown Tree Planting & Preservation Committee at for more information and assistance.