Mt. Laurel native Lauren Steele is current artist on display at Mt. Laurel Library


Growing up in Mt. Laurel as an avid reader, Lauren Steele was often found in the Mt. Laurel library in her free time with the newest mystery novel.

“I am a mystery girl,” Steele said. “I love reading.”

Along with being a mystery girl, Steele is also an avid photographer whose work is on display in the library through Dec. 30 after a suggestion was made by her boyfriend, Ryann Braverman.

Braverman had the idea to reach out to the library to get Steele’s photos on display after he would see the changing art display every month when the couple would visit.

The library features a new artist every two months in its Internet Café. This artist agrees to release their photography to the viewing public.

Steele spent all 26 years of her life in Mt. Laurel until she recently moved to Marlton in September.

She was a student of Lenape High School, and that is where her love for photography was born.

“I took photo classes at Lenape. Those were some of my best memories from high school,” Steele said. “I love shooting and learning about Photoshop.”


Photography is something Steele does on the side, though she would ideally pursue it as a full-time career. Steele’s resume thus far consists of real estate work and shooting engagement photos.

“I shot real estate for people looking to sell their homes with nice eye-catching photos that draw in more interested buyers. I also do engagement photos and want to get into wedding photography,” Steele said.

Though Steele attested to enjoying shooting just about anything, she said her favorite shoots were those dealing with nature and landscapes.

“I love landscapes and beautiful colors. I want to shoot things that will capture my eye, and I hope my photos will capture other’s eyes as well,” Steele said.

She has a passion for capturing natural reactions and portraying the candid responses people have to different things through her photos. Steele enjoys getting a stir out of folks when they see themselves in one of her photos.

As someone who has been immersed in photography for so long, she is always thinking about her next photo and goes through life viewing things through that mindset.


“I see everything as I would see it as a picture. I love taking a scene and turning it into something creative and different,” she said.

All of Steele’s photography that will be on display through Dec. 30 at the library is for sale. Purchases can be made through emailing Steele at

You can also follow her on Instagram at Gardenstaterealestatephoto, or at AuroraImaging for portraits and engagements.