Brush and leaf collection update


Brush collection and debris removal was completed last week. No additional collections are scheduled for the remainder of 2015. Any residents who have brush to dispose of can bring it to the Department of Public Works yard located on Commonwealth Drive any Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., except holidays, and any third Saturday of the month from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Leaf Collection begins on Oct. 26. Each zone will be collected twice. The collection schedule is as follows: zone 1 — weeks of Oct. 26 and Nov. 30 zone 2 — weeks of Nov. 2 and Dec. 7 zone 3 — weeks of Nov. 9 and Dec. 14. zone 4 — weeks of Nov. 16 and Dec. 21 zone 5 — weeks of Nov. 23 and Dec. 28.

If you are unsure what zone you reside in, please use this link on the Township website:

Leaves will be collected on each street one time during the scheduled collection weeks. Every attempt will be made to collect residents’ leaves during the scheduled collection week. However, the volume of leaves in any given area may create delays in collection.

Residents should remember the following policies when placing leaves at the street for collection: leaves should be placed curbside by the Monday of the scheduled collection week.

Leaves should not be placed in the street or within ten feet of a storm drain.

Leaves should be free of sticks, branches, trash, or debris.

Leaves should be placed in enclosures or in rows no wider than eight feet.

The leaf vacuum hose will extend eight-10 feet from the roadway. Leaves located further than 12 feet from the edge of the road WILL NOT be collected.

Residents who hire a contractor for leaf cleanup or removal will be responsible for disposal. The Township WILL NOT collect leaves placed curbside by contractors.

The Township cannot pick up excessive amounts of leaves placed at the street for collection as a result of entire wooded lot cleanups.

Reminder: Vegetation (leaves, brush and grass clippings, etc.) and recycling are NOT permitted to be disposed of in trash containers.

In the past, the Township has encountered delays with leaf collection due to non-compliance with Township requirements, which impacts the Department’s ability to deliver prompt and efficient service. Residents that do not follow the above procedures are reminded that leaves will not be picked up. The full provisions of Ordinance 82-D can be found on the website utilizing the “Council and Manager” link to Administrative Codes.

In a continuing effort to service residents wishing to dispose of leaves outside of this schedule, the Township Garage/Yard/Dump will accept leaves daily from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Residents must provide proof of residency to gain access to the drop-off point Absolutely no contractors will be permitted to drop off any items. Residents arriving at the drop-off area in a commercial vehicle will be asked to sign a form stating that all materials are from their personal residence and not commercially generated items.

Residents are reminded that Leaf collection may be hindered due to the following unforeseen circumstances. Collections will resume as problems are corrected.

Breakdowns Recognized Holidays, Manpower Availability, Adverse Weather Conditions and Other Emergency Operations or Problems.

Periodic notifications and updates on collection efforts will be announced as needed. Questions can be directed to the Department of Neighborhood Services at (609) 654–6791, ext. 322.