Letter to the Editor: Residents will be proud of my son Jason Ravitz on Voorhees Township Committee

Letter to the Editor: Residents will be proud of my son Jason Ravitz on Voorhees Township Committee


My name is Steve Ravitz and my son Jason is running for Voorhees Township Committee. I have been running a family business in South Jersey since 1968, which has grown into the Ravitz Family Shop Rites and Price Rite of Camden. I wanted to take this opportunity to give the voters an insight as to the man my son Jason has become. I wanted to let the voters know the essence of my son in ways in which only a father can.

Jason has always wanted to hold elected office and serve his community. Jason is a man of good character. Throughout his life, he has been willing to make tough decisions and has never hid from doing what is right. Jason is always consistent, keeps his promises, and is someone who can be counted on.

I have always told Jason that life will give you the opportunity to learn as you grow and that it is not enough to simply think like a man, but you must act like one, especially during difficult times. For it is in difficult times that your true character shines.

After graduating in the top ten percent of his class from Cherry Hill East High School and earning his college degree from Emory University, he decided to join our family business, instead of going to law school and despite me urging him to go to graduate school. Jason has always been an independent thinker and makes decisions based upon his own beliefs. As I have watched Jason help grow our business, I have learned firsthand that he is a great listener, thoughtful before making decisions, and has a tremendous work ethic and business acumen which drives him to meet his goals no matter what the obstacle. I can assure the voters of Voorhees Township that Jason is very cost-conscious in our family business and always finds creative ways to generate revenues and save money without cutting quality to our customers.

In addition to his strong work ethic, Jason and his two brothers built our small family foundation into a non-profit entity known as the Ravitz Family Foundation which has been able to help thousands of people in need in South Jersey. Jason’s commitment to our family business and to his community are nothing short of amazing.

Lastly, and most importantly, Jason is a wonderful, loving, and nurturing father to his son, Andrew and his daughter, Jessie. It brings a huge smile to my face when I see Jason taking care of his children and watching the process of him raising these incredible children.

I am incredibly proud of my eldest son, as any father would be. Jason is a man whom Voorhees residents will be proud of as well.

Steve Ravitz