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Medford Township Police Department honors four of its own


Last week’s Medford Town Council meeting marked the swearing in of a new police officer and promoted officers.

“I am truly honored to stand before you here tonight representing the finest law enforcement agency in New Jersey,” Medford Police Chief Richard Meder said. “Tonight, I have the distinct privilege of promoting several deserving officers.”

Of those officers being promoted were Lt. William Dunleavy, Sgt. Shawn McVeigh and Sgt. Jason Deroian. Officer Gregory Blash was also appointed to the position of police officer.

Dunleavy is a lifelong resident of Medford and a 1991 graduate of Lenape High School. He has served in the Medford police force since 1996 where he assisted a multitude of roles. He previously served as a sergeant in the patrol bureau, administrative bureau and the criminal investigative bureau. He will now be serving as a lieutenant in the department of field operations division.

McVeigh is a resident of Stratford in Camden County. He graduated from Sterling High School in Somerdale. He was hired by the Medford Township Police Department in 1999 after attending the Gloucester County Police Academy. He has served in the field operations division throughout his career where he will now be serving as a supervisor of the division.

Deroian is also a Medford resident. He has been a certified EMT for more than 20 years and served as EMS chief for both Rowan and Glassboro Emergency Medical Services. However, much of his expertise lies within criminal investigations, where he served as a detective for most of his career. He has been assigned as the supervisor of the Medford Criminal Investigative Bureau.

Blash began his law enforcement career in 2007 with the Medford Township Police Department as a communications officer. He was hired as a full-time police officer in 2013 by the borough of Medford Lakes. He is now a part of the Medford Police Department where he will serve in the patrol division.

Meder spoke very highly of this decorated group in front of the rest of the Medford police force and the families that were in attendance.

“These men are all very deserving of the position bestowed upon them,” Meder said. “However, there success did not come easily. It took hard work, dedication and resolve.”

Meder also paid homage to the officers’ colleagues, friends and family, as he knew these groups all played intricate roles in helping the officers achieve these career milestones.

“Law enforcement is a proud profession but one that is not without challenges. Policing in today’s society is more difficult than ever before. Our citizens expect and demand the best from their police,” Meder said. “It is incumbent upon each of us to recognize these expectations and to rise up to meet them. It is our duty.”

Meder went on to quote Teddy Roosevelt when he referred to the best prize life has to offer being the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

“I can think of no work worth doing more than policing,” Meder said.

He asked each of these men as they took their oath to remember what they are swearing to and to challenge themselves each day to live up to that oath.

As he reminded them the expectations of them will now be high, he also reminded them the Medford police force is confident in their abilities and proud of each one of them.

“Congratulations and stay safe,” Meder said.

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