Letter to the Editor: Adamson and Handler will help keep more money in taxpayer pockets


As a life long resident of our town I feel I can speak of the change that needs to happen.

For nearly 15 years the long-time controlling majority has controlled this town.

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In this year’s election campaign, the long–time controlling majority’s candidates claim in their political ads they really want change, but do they?

For a long time the controlling majority has claimed to be seeking to lower taxes. If that is what they have sought, then why is the amount raised in taxes by the town gone up almost every year. I know of no one whose property taxes went down.

Dave Adamson and Dr. Heidi Handler truly want to work with Mike Friedman in order to help every taxpayer keep more money in their pockets.

Both are long time residents of Voorhees, Dave, 28 years and Heidi, 14 years.

Dave owns his own business that helps provide solutions to small businesses in the area of technology.

Heidi is a family medicine doctor and a lawyer. She has many awards and has been named Top Doc in South Jersey Magazine.

Both Heidi and Dave have and are active in Voorhees community organizations and their children’s activities. A few examples of both are Heidi is on the Board of Trustees at Congregation of Beth El in Voorhees and Dave is active in the Methodist Church, Boy Scouts and The Voorhees Business Association.

Dave and Heidi are both highly qualified.

Please vote with me for true change in Voorhees on Nov. 3.

Rich Tavani

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