Medford Home and School Association recognized for excellence, once again


During last week’s Medford Board of Education meeting, the Medford Home and School Association was recognized for yet another year of excellence.

Superintendent Joseph Del Rossi spoke to a few board members prior to the meeting to brief them on the presentation he would be giving to the association, and he described their reaction as stunned when revealing the figures the organization has been able to reel in.

“I often walk through our schools and notice the places and things that make them very special, these things could not be possible without the support of this group,” Del Rossi said.

Jessica Siragusa has recently been named the new president of the group. Siragusa will be replacing Alexis Gosewisch, who was the president of the group through a very prosperous era.

The Home and School Association, through fundraisers and book fairs, is able to fund special projects for Medford schools.

The association believes, “It is a result of these special efforts by parent/guardian volunteers that our children enjoy an enhanced educational experience,” according to a post on its website.

This is the 36th year the group has been fundraising and essentially directing funds to the principals to be able to spend on their respective buildings.

The money raised is donated directly to the principals as money to spend on the kinds of things they think will make their schools unique places to be and serve the needs of students.

Over its 36-year life, the Home and School Association has raised more than $1.8 million for the schools, which is about $50,000 a year on average.

“I have to speak as a superintendent, you ladies do a phenomenal job in terms of raising funds for our district but you’re also there when we pick up the phone and come to you with an idea that needs the financial support,” Del Rossi said. “I know our building principals lean on you for different things throughout the year, so it’s not only the monetary support but it’s also the support in terms of resources and hours that you put out for our principals and our students. You cannot put a price on that.”

The board members could not say enough about how thankful they are for the constant support and aid the group provides year in and year out.

“As board president, I also wanted to thank you, and from what I understand, you’ve raised all of this money graciously, kindly and always with a smile,” Board of Education President Katherine Santamore said.

To make parents aware of how much money the group is raising, the board created a set of plaques that will be placed at the entrances of the schools in the vestibules.

The board decided on this location so parents will see them easily when they come into the school to pick up their students or get into the office.

A resolution was also read at the meeting pointing out how much money the schools would be receiving from the organization after another successful year and thanking them for their efforts.