Letter to the Editor: Dave Adamson will bring diversity and better decisions to Voorhees Township Committee


As a long time resident of Voorhees, I feel very strongly that the Voorhees Township Committee should have more diversified members and opinions so that better decisions can be made.
I’d like to recommend Dave Adamson, whose running mate is Dr. Heidi Handler. Dave’s wealth of knowledge from years of running a small business will be an asset to Voorhees taxpayers looking to cut costs and improve efficiency in our budget. Dave has successfully owned and operated a small business providing technology solutions to businesses within the northeast region since 1989.
His business experience and technological know-how will be a valuable asset to our township committee.
Since Dave, and his wife of 33 years, have resided in Alluvium Woods for the last 28 years, and his children have gone through the Voorhees Township School System, he has first-hand knowledge of the unique problems of this township.
Also, as a candidate in 2014, and over the last year, he has met with thousands of Voorhees residents, an experience that makes him qualified to address the concerns of Voorhees voters.
I believe Dave will be a fresh voice on the township committee, along with Heidi Handler and Committeeman Mike Friedman, to build a better Voorhees for us all.

Peg Jacobskind