Addiction/Recovery Service at First Baptist Church Moorestown is Oct. 11

The First Baptist Church of Moorestown (FBCM) will be holding a Recovery Worship Service on Oct. 11 at 10 a.m. The service is open to everyone, especially to those struggling with or impacted by addictions.

“This service gives those in the recovery community a chance to worship in a welcoming, safe space,” said Reverend Linda Pepe, Pastor of FBCM. “Our church building is home to various 12 Step Recovery and support groups throughout the week; and those groups refer in their literature and practice to a ‘Higher Power.’ Our aim is to offer the people in those same communities a space to worship God that is judgment free.”

There are many people who haven’t been to a church in years, for a variety of reasons; from the church not being accepting of their illness, to shame, to fear,” Pepe said. “But when it comes right down to it, we all struggle with something. All of us are addicted to one thing or another — whether its substance abuse, or being addicted to food, television, working, shopping, gaming… or even to our own ego. The recovery service gives all of us a chance to come as we are, to encourage one another, and to enjoy the love and forgiveness of the one who accepts us unconditionally- no strings attached.”

The FBCM is located at 19 West Main Street in Moorestown. For more information or to speak to Rev. Pepe, please call (856) 235–1180 or email

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