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Committee approves funding for capital improvements


An ordinance pertaining to various capital improvements and related expenses for Tabernacle was approved at the last township committee meeting on Monday, Aug. 24.

Nearly $2.2 million in general improvement bonds or notes were authorized to go toward these projects that will cost about $2.3 million in total.

Making up this $2.3 million ordinance is the 2015 capital bond request and the 2015 scope of work that were both passed after their second reading/public hearing at this meeting.

The projects consist of the township’s road program, the township building renovation program and the truck and equipment purchase request.

The road program will cost more than $1.2 million and will include improvements to Lakeview, Spring Drive and Medford Lakes Road paving. The program will also address the drainage systems of Zimmerman Road, Sohn Way, Brace Lane, Gate Road, Hill Road, Wynn Road, Worrell Road, Richter Road and Cramer Road. Upon completion, these roads will have an estimated life of 15 years.

The township will also be purchasing three trucks, costing approximately $320,000. It will be purchasing one utility body truck with a plow, one medium dump truck with a plow, a sander and a spray system, and one large dump truck with the same features. Upon completion, these trucks will have an estimated life of five years.

Lastly, the township building improvements will include numerous upgrades to the Pepper House, the public works building, the town hall and the community center, costing about $750,000. Upon completion, these improvements will have an estimated life of 10 years.

Those who attended last week’s meeting focused their questions mainly on how this will affect the tax rate.

“This ordinance will not affect the tax rate this year. Next year, we plan to roll it in,” Township Administrator Douglas Cramer said.

There was not much discussion about the passing of the ordinance among committee members.

Mayor Kim Brown was not in attendance, but there were four committeemen at the meeting who were able to get a majority vote.

This ordinance was originally part of the committee’s budget presentation in late March, and the down payment money for the projects was a part of the 2015 budget that was passed in late June.

Cramer said the projects will be phased in over time.

“The road projects will go out to bid this fall. Some of the building improvements will be done later in the fall or at the latest in the spring, and the trucks will go out to bid at the end of September or in early October.”

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