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Evesham Celebrations Foundation presents $5,000 check to township

Evesham Celebrations Foundation presents $5,000 check to township

Before the Evesham Township Council tackled the ordinances and resolutions on the agenda at its Aug. 18 meeting, councilmember and Evesham Celebrations Foundation member Ken D’Andrea took time to speak on behalf of the foundation.

As D’Andrea left the dais and stood in front of the meeting’s audience, he announced the ECF wished to present Evesham Township with a check for $5,000 to thank the municipality for all it does to help the ECF hold its annual community events.

The ECF is the non-profit Evesham-based organization founded with the intention of promoting community events throughout the year.

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Made up of volunteers from the community, the group fundraises and collects donations so events such as the Fourth of July parade and fireworks, Taste of Evesham and Evesham Harvest Fest can be held annually with no cost to taxpayers.

Yet, despite those events being funded by the ECF and not the township, D’Andrea said the township’s police and public works departments regularly provide the events with services such as directing traffic, placing trash receptacles and cleanup efforts.

It was in regard to those services that D’Andrea said the foundation wished to present the township with the donation.

“We wanted to thank the township, specifically the public works department and the police department, because if it weren’t for them, our events would be much more challenged. It would be very hard to pull off,” D’Andrea said.

Upon accepting the check, Township Manager Tom Czerniecki said in addition to all the foundation already does for the township, the donation was greatly appreciated.

“You guys roll up your sleeves, you do a lot of the legwork for us, we show up with the trash cans and some traffic control, but this is greatly appreciated,” Czerniecki said.

Czerniecki said although the township used to budget for fireworks, it no longer has to due to the fundraising work of the ECF.

He pointed out that thanks to the foundation, while the township’s ancillary costs for such events has stayed steady over the years, “the sense of community spirit has definitely elevated tremendously.”

Mayor Randy Brown also thanked the ECF for all of its hard work, and pointed out that many of its founding members and those who have contributed to the foundation throughout the years have chosen to remain out of the spotlight.

“They’ve constantly wanted to remain behind the scenes, not get the accolades. But realize without them, the Evesham Harvest Fest, the Taste of Evesham, the Mayors Cup 5K, all those events would not be possible,” Brown said.

However, Brown did note that the organization could always use more volunteers, to which D’Andrea agreed.

“This is all about the community and a lot of community spirit, and really embracing the township with all its residents and surrounding communities,” D’Andrea said.

Those interested in learning more about the ECF and the foundation’s work can visit www.eveshamcelebrations.org and www.facebook.com/EveshamCelebrations.

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