Voorhees resident Benjamin Dias selected in New Jersey Association for Gifted Children poetry contest

Voorhees resident Benjamin Dias selected in New Jersey Association for Gifted Children poetry contest


Voorhees resident Benjamin Dias was selected as a Top 2 winner by the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children in a poetry contest recently held by the group.

This statewide poetry contest was open to all New Jersey students in grades 9–12, and his poem was selected from over 300 entries as a winner.

Dias submitted the poem at age 15 while in ninth grade, and it was published on both the NJAGC website and the group’s online newsletter “Promise.”

The association congratulates Dias on his writing skills and looks forward to receiving works from him in the future.

The poem is as follows:

He and Me

He turns to me,

His eyes raging red

Yet deep behind the blue of his iris

I see the blue ocean churning.

A mist coats his eyes

And frustration pours out in the form of precipitation.

I stare back, gazing at the emotions unfolding before me

As they manifest into physical form.

At first I shy away,

But then offer my hand

And try to pry him away from his pain.

Instead, we travel to his thoughts

And the setting changes, the world blurring around us

And the hurt goes away, recedes to his depths;

And now when I look into his eyes

I see the storm settled

And a cave with a small clearing

With a glistening lake of serenity in its center

And after moments of standing there

The first pebble falls from one of the stalactites — -

Hanging like a chandelier from the roof of the cave.

The pebble penetrates the calm surface of the water

And sends ripples through it.

Soon the ceiling is crumbling

Like the mask of calmness he put on not too long ago,

And then, the world goes dark.

When the lights return I realize:

The lights are burning, the lights are fire,

And when I look beside me he’s not there

But he’s everywhere and I know his anger is controlling him

It’s the coal that fuels his passion

But most of all I feel the pressure he emits

Almost like a glow from a fire fly

It’s constricting me, the pressure, and I can’t think,

I just feel, but all I feel is him

My thoughts, our thoughts are jumbled and clustered

They are like ants, their paths seem random but at the root there is one central focus.

My central focus is about him.

All he wants is to be accepted for who he is

for what he is and can do

and he above all can’t tolerate those who claim to believe in him

because he feels he can’t do anything himself

to live up to unfair expectations

and live in a world that he feels has no spot for him

And then a clangor is heard and the world shatters

falling apart piece by piece

like a window being struck by a baseball

And left behind is white space and him.

In a rectangle outlining his height and width

there are faint, shimmering lines

and behind him a sparkling grey tint appears

Within the borders of those shimmering lines.

As I peer closer I realize that his features are like my own

And when I move my hand, his copies my action.

He steps out of the rectangular bubble

And gets compressed into a thin thread

Then the thread shoots forward into my mind.

My head snaps back and when it comes forward, the outline

of that rectangle becomes a clear gold

And the background is obviously made of a metallic silver.

Only then did I realize that he was, no, is me.

I guess we are in fact a we, he and me.