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Evesham Police and 7–11 partner on community policing project


The Evesham Police Department and 7–11 are partnering on a community policing project, with 7-Eleven helping celebrate a generation of good behavior this year.

For twenty years, US police officers have been ticketing kids with “Operation Chill” free Slurpee drink coupons. Many of those kids are adults now, and may even have children of their own who are eligible to receive a frozen treat for good behavior, compliments of 7-Eleven and the Evesham Police Department.

This initiative began in Philadelphia to give law enforcement officers a positive a positive reason to interact with children and teens. The initiative has now expanded to cities across the country.

The Evesham Police Department said it is proud to partner with 7-Eleven in this program as its agency feels the program a great way for its officers to connect with children in the community.

Officers will be “ticketing” kids who are caught in the act of doing good by giving them Slurpee beverage coupons. The coupons can be redeemed at any participating local 7-Eleven store.

“Our officers enjoy getting to interact positively with kids in the community,” Chief Christopher Chew said. “We believe that this type of progressive community policing helps to create a bridge to combat the communication gaps seen in so many areas.”

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