Global Friendships searches for host families for Spanish students

During the past month, students hailing from all over Spain have participated in a one-month homestay program in the Haddonfield area as a part of Global Friendships, a program connecting Spanish students to south Jersey host families so they can learn English and American culture.

“You may have seen some of my students walking from Grace Church to Starbucks and back during their lunch break from English class. They were usually smiling, speaking Spanish, and carrying their yellow knapsacks,” said Dan Herman, the teacher and local coordinator for Global Friendships.

Global Friendships is looking for families interested in cultural exchange and sharing their way of life. If you didn’t get a chance to host a student in July, you can still host a student in August. The next group of students from Spain arrives on Aug. 2 and will stay until Aug. 28.

There are still three students that need caring families. The students are here to improve their English and learn about American life.

“Our motivation for becoming a host family was simply to “give back” and create good karma. It was about giving — not receiving. I was unaware at the time that our experience as a host family would enrich our lives beyond measure,” Denise Moorehouse of Marlton said.

In addition to attending classes at Grace Church three times per week, students take trips and participate in fun activities. Trips include New York Uptown, Downtown, Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor. Activities include a Riversharks game, Cherry Hill Mall, a bowling party and a swim party. Host families are invited, but not required to participate. For trips, transportation is free, and entry fees are always half price.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes. The one main requirement is that there are at least two people in the household. Young couples, traditional families, single parent families and retirees all make-up the groups of host families that participate each year.

If you are interested in hosting or finding out more information, call Herman at (856) 287–2393.