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Mt. Laurel Township officials create new logo for Paws Farm

Mt. Laurel Township officials have come up with a look for the Paws Farm Nature Center.

It isn’t a new look with the barns and outhouses on the township-owned and operated property, nor is it a change with the farm’s programs, classes or the dozens of animals at the site.

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The change is a new logo for the nature center. Mt. Laurel Township officials teamed up to create a new logo for the Paws Farm Nature Center.

Township manager Maureen Mitchell said officials have been looking to update the Paws Farm logo this year. She worked with the township’s website design company, South Jersey Web Design, to create the new logo.

Mitchell said the township had a number of goals in mind when designing the new logo. One of the most important ideas was to make the logo attractive to families and kids, for whom Paws Farm’s programs and classes are aimed.

“I worked with our web design company to update the logo to make it kid friendly and to inform the public that this local treasure is owned and operated by the township,” Mitchell said.

To make the logo more attractive, designers opted to create a portrait around the words “Paws Farm Nature Center.” In the logo, the words “Paws Farm” are brown with a brown picket fence surrounding it on either side. The “Nature Center” portion of the name is green with blades of grass on either side.

A couple elements of familiar Paws Farm images were worked into the logo. A pawprint, something included in many Paws Farm logos of the past, was placed inside the letter “a” in paws, with four multi-colored toes above it. The farm’s signature red barn was also worked into the background.

When the logo was unveiled to Mt. Laurel Township Council, Mitchell said the goal was to create an attention-grabbing and attractive logo.

“We were trying to get something colorful,” she said.

Officials also wanted to make residents aware of the township’s affiliation with the farm in the logo. The bottom of the logo includes the phrase “Owned and Operated by Mount Laurel Township.”

The new logo could soon find its way onto the township and Paws Farm website as well as flyers and promotional materials for the center.


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