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Township launches new website


Tabernacle Township has officially launched its new website, and the reviews have been positive thus far.

“So far, so good,” township administrator Doug Cramer said.

This has been a large project the township began last year. Cramer worked primarily with former deputy clerk Eileen Baitzel to produce the best final product they could with the budget they were allotted.

“The main objective that we were trying to accomplish with this project was to make the township website more user friendly for Tabernacle residents,” Cramer said.

The technology being used for the previous website was old and outdated. The township was running out of support and needed to update it.

It took a few months to work through all of the presentations from the different companies that had applied for the bid.

Cramer and Baitzel met with most of the staff at these companies to see what they needed. They also took time to look at sample sites and take pointers from other township websites that were successful.

After much discussion, they decided on a company based on its price and ability to provide the technology they required.

“Revise was competitively priced and able to provide what we needed for content, giving us the ability to modify in the future as well,” Cramer said.

They stressed the idea of being able to make changes over time because they understood this will always be a work in process with how rapidly technology changes.

“If we get questions and concerns about the site down the road, we now have the ability to modify those trouble areas as we go,” Cramer said.

There were a whole combination of upgrades from the old website. The entire layout was altered to make it more user-friendly.

The frequently asked questions section seemed to be an area of particular focus, a large majority of the people who visit the site are looking to have these questions resolved.

This section of the new site references a number of different permits and licenses, and walks visitors through the process of obtaining them in a step-by-step manner.

The idea of the upgrades is to help provide residents with information they need when they can’t get into the office or make a phone call.

“We are very pleased with it so far and anticipate more success to come in the future,” Cramer said.

The new site can be viewed at www.townshipoftabernacle-nj.gov.

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