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torah scroll to be completed
 at historic event

Chabad in Medford’s 
torah scroll to be completed
 at historic event

Chabad in Medford’s torah scroll to be completed at historic event


For the first time in Medford, the writing of a Torah scroll, Judaism’s most sacred object containing the Five Books of Moses, will be completed in a unique and celebratory ceremony. On Sunday, June 14, at 3:30 p.m. an expert ritual scribe will ink the very last letters of the magnificent scroll, as done 3,300 years ago for the very first time by Moses.

An authentic Torah scroll is a mind-boggling masterpiece of labor and skill. Comprising between 62 and 84 sheets of parchment-cured, tanned, scraped and prepared according to exact Torah law specifications, and containing exactly 304,805 letters, the resulting handwritten scroll takes months to complete. Timeless dictums hold for a certified Torah scribe and everything from the character of the scribe to the quality of the parchment and type of ink are taken into account. The slightest error voids the entire 54-portion parchment. The Torah is the heart of the Jewish people, its lifeblood, and its nourishment. We invite the community to join as we inscribe the final letters in the Torah.

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Following the completion there will be a “Torah Parade”, as people of all ages and affiliations will march down Main Street to the Chabad House in Medford leading the Torah scroll with a special canopy, along with flags, torches and dancing.

At the conclusion of the parade, all are invited to join for a buffet reception. According to Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan, director of Chabad in Medford, “This scroll is a very appropriate addition to the Medford Jewish community, as it represents the unbroken chain of Jewish tradition and survival. The ancient wisdom contained in this scroll is the essence of our identity as Jews, and possessing our own Torah scroll is a cause for great pride and celebration.”

RSVP online at www.ChabadMedford.org, or email info@ChabadMedford.org, or call (609) 451–3522.


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