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Indian Mills Memorial School Celebrates the Arts


On May 12, the music and art teachers of Indian Mills Memorial School joined together with students and parents to celebrate the arts in a festival held throughout the school. Ms. Lara Abeyta, the school’s art teacher positioned the artwork of all students throughout the school for everyone to view. Projects ranging from masks, two point perspective drawings, relief sculptures, and eye renderings were expertly arranged by grade level. Additionally, art portfolios were on display that clearly demonstrated the progress made by students from fifth to eighth grade.

Mr. Tony Scardino and Mrs. Susan Styers, the school’s band and music teachers, led a variety of grade level bands and musical groups in a stimulating concert. Scardino said that he broke the grades out into two separate concert bands: grades seven and eight; and, grades five and six. This way, he is able to work with each of them to maximize their potential. Over the years, her choir has been highlighted in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Atlantic City for the Miss America Pageant. Styers has produced students who have gone on to reach their goals as accomplished singers at Seneca High School and beyond.

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The crowd was impressive and as the night progressed, it was obvious that parents, students, and teachers were overwhelmed with pride with the performance of their students and children. When discussing the night, Scardino was beaming with pride. He said, “It is always great to see these kids get the recognition they deserve. They work hard and long to perfect their craft and this night is the culmination of their efforts.” Lara Abeyta was quick to echo his remarks. Further, she reminisced that, “These students grow so much over the years. Art is not something that everyone can embrace, but just looking at their efforts is gratifying. I am always amazed at the work my students produce.” Susan Styers reflected that, “The students today will be the nucleus of the choral group at Seneca High School. They always raise the bar for those around them because they really care and are determined to be the best they can be.”

This is an annual event that was devised and planned by the arts teachers several years ago as a way to highlight the hard work of all students at IMMS. Mr. Scardino said it best when he reflected that, “This is their championship game. It doesn’t get any better than this.”


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