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New Jersey American Water’s purchase of Haddonfield’s water and sewer system is finalized

New Jersey American Water’s acquisition of the Borough of Haddonfield’s water and wastewater system has been approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and the purchase was completed on May 21. New Jersey American Water will begin serving the 4,500 water and wastewater customers in Haddonfield immediately and will complete its transition on June 1.

“New Jersey American Water is proud to serve the residents of Haddonfield, and we are committed to delivering the same high-quality, reliable water and wastewater service that we provide for our customers across the state each day,” said William Varley, president of New Jersey American Water. “New Jersey American Water has a tradition of providing outstanding service to our customers, being responsive to their concerns, and ensuring that their water quality meets or surpasses state and federal standards.”

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The company will also begin to make numerous upgrades to Haddonfield’s water and wastewater infrastructure including upgrading sewer pump stations and replacing water and sewer mains that are nearing the end of their useful lives. New Jersey American Water plans to invest approximately $6.5 million over the next year to improve Haddonfield’s water and wastewater systems.

“Aging water and wastewater systems like Haddonfield’s face significant challenges,” said Carmen Tierno, senior director of Operations for New Jersey American Water. “We have worked with the borough to identify the most critical needs of the water and wastewater systems that need to be addressed and we have an aggressive plan to make upgrades. Over the next five years, New Jersey American Water will spend more than $16 million on system modernization.”

To continue to provide an avenue for customer input, New Jersey American Water is forming a citizens advisory panel comprised of Haddonfield residents which will meet quarterly. The company will also maintain Haddonfield’s senior benefits program for at least the next 10 years.

More information can be found by visiting www.amwater.com.


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