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Mt. Laurel Township looking to spruce up a pair of tot lots

Two tot lots in Mt. Laurel could get a fresh new look later this year.

Mt. Laurel’s director of municipal services Jerry Mascia proposed a plan at last Monday’s council meeting to refurbish the Mayfair and Timber Crest tot lots. The Mayfair lot is located on Carlton Lane in the Larchmont section of town, while Timber Crest is located on Creek Road near the New Jersey Turnpike overpass.

Refurbishment plans were proposed for both tot lots due to the state of disrepair they are in.

“These two come to the top of the list with structural issues,” Mascia said.

Last October, Dyanne Dansky, a resident living across the street from the Mayfair tot lot, went before council to ask for repairs. She said the fence for the park’s tennis court had holes, the pavement was cracked and uneven, and vandals had cut down the nets. She also said the park’s playground equipment and swings were unsafe for children.

At the time, township manager Maureen Mitchell said repairs couldn’t be made since Dansky’s report to council came in after the township’s budget for the year had been passed, but promised to move the park up on the priority list for 2015.

Mascia’s plan includes eliminating the dilapidated tennis courts at Mayfair and moving the playground equipment closer to the center of the lot. The playground equipment would be replaced and picnic tables would be added nearby. The worn-out fencing near the playground would also be removed. A similar plan was also proposed for Timber Crest.

Mascia said he composed the plan after receiving feedback from about 50 residents living near Mayfair and a few residents living near Timber Crest. He said the biggest suggestion from residents was additional green space in the lots.

Mitchell said replacing the tennis courts at Mayfair makes sense because of the state of disrepair.

“The tennis courts themselves weren’t maintained,” Mitchell said.

Mascia said tennis players are choosing to use other nearby courts. He mentioned many players prefer to go to Larchmont tennis courts, which are less than a mile from Mayfair and include lights.

Dansky expressed her doubts about the proposal to council, saying the township would need to follow through and maintain the tot lot to keep residents from ruining it.

“Vandalism is the problem,” Dansky said. “But people don’t vandalize something that is maintained.”

According to Dansky, the tot lot remains in disrepair, with the playground equipment and the tennis courts unusable. She noted kids hang out in the tennis courts and litter the area.

She asked council to make sure police patrol the area better, saying a lack of police presence in the neighborhood is a reason the tot lot is a target for vandals. She also asked council to make sure public works keeps up on maintaining the lot.

“You better have more cops and more public works people to maintain it,” she said.

Mayor Irwin Edelson said council plans to take a closer look at Mascia’s proposal and told Dansky she and other residents will be informed before any final decision is made.

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