Haddonfield’s 65 Club asks for gentlemen residents to get involved

Gentlemen, are you retired, but still actively enjoying life? Or are you retired and bored with your daily life style?

In either case, I have a solution for you: the Haddonfield 65 Club. The club which originated in 1955, but has grown and prospered, and still continues to grow, is always interested in adding new members.

Why should you join? There are many reasons:

1. While we do hold regular meetings on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. at our clubhouse, located at 110 Rhoads Ave. here in town, there is no obligation to attend every week. At these meeting we have interesting guest speakers who cover topics from health, travel, entertainment, writers and authors, local merchants, demonstrations, education and local topics of interest. Check the schedule and decide if you want to attend that day. Check us out on-line at haddon65club.blogspot.com/.

2. Maybe you enjoy playing bridge to keep your mind sharp? Members play duplicate bridge every Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. But maybe you have never played, but you always thought about learning? No problem! We provide instructions for beginners and intermediate players on Monday mornings.

3. Maybe pinochle is your game; we offer that on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30. There are always seats open for beginners or expert players.It’s a very relaxed, informal atmosphere where partners are always rotating after few hands. Refreshments are readily available.

4. Maybe you enjoy an outdoor activity, like golf? We golf every Wednesday at varied courses through the spring and into earlywinter. Foursomes are matched up weekly to keep the matches somewhat competitive. While we do have some good golfers, we also have a limit to the number of strokes per hole for others. It’s just a great day to get outdoors and enjoy the day with other retired friends, and believe me you will make friends fast. The weekly costs will vary depending on the green fees at that particular course.

5. For those that would like to partake in another activity that can be fun, competitive and often frustrating, we offer bowling.Unlike golf, the fees for bowling are set. The weekly cost for three games on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. is $6.55, at Laurel Lanes on Route 73, just off Kings Highway. That cost includes three games of bowling on well-lighted alleys, your shoes and there are house balls to useif needed. Included in that price are coffee, tea, and pastries. Members are divided into teams when we get there each Friday; there’s always room for one more. We usually finish before noon, which leaves the rest of the day free. While we do have some good bowlers that score close to their weight, we have others that can’t score as high as their age. Join us for fun and merriment. None of us take the game too seriously.

6. Tuesday’s are reserved for trips, such as: to casinos; to museums such as Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center and Millville Airport Museum; tours of Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies and Girard College in Philadelphia; and more. New trips are always being added as the interest of the members dictate.

7. Twice a year we have luncheons at Tavistock, in the spring and fall. In the spring our wives or female friends are invited to join us. Entertainment or guest speakers are always of interest at our luncheons. Last fall our guest speaker was evening news anchor, Chris May from Channel 3.

8. The club also has a wine and cheese party in the fall that is a big success. It’s an opportunity for the members and their spouses to interact on a social level as well as dance, if so inclined.

9. Other items of interest that you might like to know about include Wii access at the clubhouse, as well as darts and chess.

10. So far you have read about a social club, but there is a service end to our organization. We serve as marshals in a 5K Heart Run each year. We physically take part as well as donate to Feed Our Starving Children event, sponsor the HMHS PerseveranceAward, take part in the Fourth of July Parade and add support wherever needed in town.

Pictures speak louder than words, so why not check us out at haddon65club.blogspot.com?

One last thing that I forgot to mention, you don’t need to join our organization to take part in any and all of these activities, you can come out and try us on for size and see if you want to join. If you do come out and have the interest in joining you will find that our membership dues are modest $20 per year. If you want to break that down it comes to $0.38 cents a week. Come on out and introduce yourself, you’ll be glad that you did.

For additional information or questions please contact, Henry Leimkuhler at (856) 858–2736, or Bill Brown at (856) 429–4368.