Marvels of Madagascar featured at Markeim Arts Center starting April 29

Marvels of Madagascar comes to the Markeim Arts Center April 29 through May 2. Come see the photography of the lemurs and other Marvels of Madagascar by Marianne Leone.

On May 1, Join us at our wine and cheese (and a few Malagasy surprises) reception showcasing the photography. From the countryside, to the people and the incredible unique animals, come see this exhibition as well as a short presentation at 8 p.m. Guests & children are welcomed. RSVP to

On May 2, there will be a Kid’s Art Wokshop. Kids come and learnabout the lemurs and other animals of the wonderful country of Madagascar, the only country in the world home to all lemur species, including ring-tailed lemurs like King Julian. Children will see great photography and learn about these magnificent creatures and how we can help to save them. Kids will also learn about the lemurs of the Philadelphia Zoo and how they can see them in person. The children will do a craft using their artistic skills to design a frame and leave with a framed photograph of their favorite lemur.

Workshop fee $15. Pay at door, credit card, cash or check. Pre-register for the 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. workshop by replying to