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FBI asking for Cherry Hill residents help in art theft

The FBI is asking Cherry Hill residents to help out with an investigation on a stolen original Norman Rockwell painting called “Lazybones” (Boy Asleep with Hoe) that was featured on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on September 6, 1919.

The painting was stolen from Robert and Teresa Grant’s Cherry Hill home on July 2, 1976. The Grants have since passed, but their children still hope to recover the painting.

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According to their children, Robert acquired the painting from a Haddonfield resident’s home between 1952 and 1954. He was playing pool at the resident’s house when he accidently put the pool cue through the bottom corner. The resident is believed to have been from the upper class, owned at least two other Norman Rockwell paintings and was known for inviting people over to play pool.

The FBI is hoping to find out whom this Haddonfield resident was or relatives who can give them any lead information.

If anyone knows any information they are asked to contact Bob Bazin, a retired FBI agent who is helping out with the investigation, at (609) 933–2042 or email at rbazin@aol.com or the FBI’s office in Cherry Hill at (856) 795–9556.

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