Camden County Freeholder Board asks residents to report road hazards

The Camden County Department of Public Works (DPW) is blitzing the roadways with several crews to repair potholes created by the historic winter weather. For a second year in a row record temperatures and precipitation have taken a significant toll on the county’s highway system. To combat the effects of this winter, the Freeholder Board will aggressively locate and fill potholes on all county maintained roads.

Freeholder Ian Leonard, liaison to the Camden County Department of Public Works, talked about the ongoing effort.

“Crews have been dispatched throughout the highways and byways of the county to put down thousands of tons of hot asphalt and keep vehicles moving,” Leonard said. “This spring the county will move forward with its capital maintenance program to repave roadways, but in the interim the pothole patrol will put a patch over any problematic areas.”

The Freeholder Board is asking residents to report any road hazards they encounter to the Camden County Public Works Hotline (856) 566–2980. The number is answered by a live person, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, residents can contact DPW through the county website at or through Twitter at @camdencountynj or Facebook at

“It has always been the case that residents are our best eyes on our roadways and we, as a collective Board, want address potholes and roadway concerns from the Delaware River to the Pine Barrens,” Leonard said. “We need everyone to become engaged in this effort to make Camden County a better place to live and drive throughout our 1,200 lane miles of highway.”

When residents call the Highway Department to report an issue, county personnel will come out to address the situation within a short period of time.

“Just yesterday one crew working in Winslow and Berlin put down more than 10 tons of asphalt,” Leonard said. “And as a reminder I want to ask residents to slow down and be patient when they see our crews working. Filling potholes can be dangerous so remember to give our personnel a break.”

For more information, contact the Camden County Department of Public Works at (856) 566–2980 or visit