Performance group ‘Grand Falloons’ give educational earth science presentations to Evesham Schools


For the second year, Evesham’s Clean Communities Program has been able to bring “The Grand Falloons” educational performance to students in our elementary schools through Clean Communities grant funds.

A total of 30 elementary classrooms of children from VanZant, Beeler and Evans schools were entertained and taught.

“The Grand Falloons were such a hit the first year; we had to bring them back to reach more students. We had two, back to back, shows and the auditorium was filled both times,” said Debbie Pease , Evesham’s Clean Communities Coordinator. “There is nothing better than seeing our young students enjoy learning.”

The Grand Falloons have a way of teaching that is both fun and memorable. The performers are very popular. In addition to being 20 year veterans of the Big Apple Circus, the performers have an elementary teaching background. They have appeared on the Letterman Show and Late Night with Conan, and have performed for many school districts throughout New Jersey and New York and various locations across the country.


The Grand Falloons tackled important topics including limited resources, the water cycle, landfill capacity, litter abatement and recycling. They integrated songs, circus and magic tricks, and slapstick humor with important lessons that correspond with Evesham schools earth science curriculum while keeping the children completely engaged.

“They are able to illustrate concepts in way that the students can relate and understand, as well as have fun and be entertained,” Pease said.

Pease had an opportunity to speak with some of the students after one of the shows.

“The students had so many questions relating to the show’s topics,” Pease said. “You could tell that they were thinking about and absorbing what they learned, and wanted to learn more! Hopefully, they will go back to the classroom with a new interest in their environment and understand how we can each do our part to make our world a better place to live.”