Reviewing ‘A Most Wanted Man’ and ‘Black Sea’

A Most Wanted Man (Rated: R)


Carol: Must See Now

This is the last we will be able to enjoy Philip Seymour Hoffman on the screen and fortunately it is a good film. Excellent, in fact. It starts out slowly, as do most of John Le Carré novels, in my view. The good news is that the viewer (or reader for that matter) is eventually engaged and the story unfolds in a compelling and entertaining manner. You must see this if you were a fan of Mr. Hoffman. The entertainment world has lost a true genius.

Phil: Must See Now

While ponderous for a few minutes, the story picks up and we become engaged. Hoffman ,as always, dominates the scenes where he appears, and he is almost always on the screen. Adapted from a John Le Carré novel, the film becomes a worthwhile endeavor, mainly because of Hoffman’s presence.

Black Sea (Rated: R)


Carol: Worth the Matinee Price

Jude Law may very well get a best actor nomination for this film (and he certainly should.) That being said, I found the movie to be long, cinematography that made it difficult at times to see what was going on and it was often difficult to understand. Again, being said, it was on a submarine (dark by nature), under the Black Sea (again dark) and some of the crew were Russian so the accents were difficult. Just my opinion.

Phil: Must See Now

An interesting premise, an original idea and a very good movie. Seriously, did you ever think that you could buy a submarine? Well here a group of misfits (somehow with previous commercial submarine experience) do just that and join together in a search for sunken treasure!

Believe it or not, the premise works. The claustrophobic atmosphere of the submarine adds just the right amount of both terror and suspense, and Jude Law guides us through. Recall those old WWII submarine movies and/or the Hunt for Red October. If they’re your cup of tea, you’ll love this.