The Moorestown BOE reorganization meeting welcomed new members and chose a new president and vice president

The Moorestown Board of Education reorganization meeting on Jan. 7 welcomed some new faces to the board. The night also saw the board make a decision on who would be the new president and vice president.

Former vice president Kathy Goldenberg was appointed president and David Weinstein was appointed vice president. The board welcomed new members Peter Palko, Ann Marie Reyher and Caryn Shaw, who were elected in November.

Taking over for Don Mishler, who was board president and had been on the board for around 25 years, is Goldenberg, who has been on the board since 2007 and served as vice president since 2011.

Goldenberg, a resident of Moorestown since 1992, has had her two children attend Moorestown Township Public Schools from kindergarten through graduation. She has been a part of the Home and School Association, Transportation and Safety Committee, Technology Committee, Curriculum Committee, Budget and Finance Committee and others.

Now as president, Goldenberg feels honored to take the role and, being passionate about education, expects to continue the legacy of Moorestown in a positive way.

“I’m very honored. I’m passionate about our public education within the state. I’m very active in Trenton with our Garden State Coalition of schools, to make sure suburban districts like ours are able to provide students with the very best education, and I’m very excited to be a part of this and to continue to be. I’ve been volunteering with the Moorestown township public schools for 20 years. It’s a passion of mine,” Goldenberg said.

For the future, Goldenberg wants her focus to be on getting better and providing more opportunities for every child.

Weinstein was first elected to the board in 2009. Honored for being named vice president, he too hopes to continue Moorestown’s legacy and only improve on it.

“I am honored to be the vice president of the Moorestown Board of Education and I want to continue to provide the high level of education that Moorestown has been recognized for many years, and want to find ways to make education in Moorestown better now and for our future,” said Weinstein.

New members of the board were honored to be elected by residents in November and are excited to help where they can.

“I feel honored. My wife and I have been involved very much with the school system, so it is an honor to represent everyone. And I feel confident in my abilities,” Palko said.

“I’m very excited to serve the community,” Shaw said.

Palko’s main focus is to help maintain the levels of the schools. Being an engineer and contractor, Palko can bring a lot of practical experience to the table, especially with the construction that will be going on in the near future.

“I think it is mostly fiscal responsibility and at the same time providing the highest degree of service possible,” Palko said.

Shaw, a mother of three children in three different schools in the district, is part of the Revenue and Generation Committee and serves as the first vice president of the Home and School Association.

“I’m very involved in revenue generation, so I think that is one of the benefits I can bring. Also bringing parents’ views to the board is really important. I have a pulse on parents who are very involved and can see how things strategically can link and how they can be implemented in schools, so I think bringing that perspective is really important.”

Reyner could not be reached for comment.

The next official Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at the William Allen Middle School.